Center for Far Eastern Studies

Aiming at interdisciplinary studies of economy, society and environment in Northeast Asia, the Center’s purpose is to pursue the way we can realize economic development of this region accompanied by social stability and environmental conservation, i.e., the way for sustainable development to be suited for the region. Northeast Asia, which the Center concentrates on, consists of northeastern district of China, the Korean peninsula, the Far East of Russia and Japan. Giving attention to the existence of various types of regional development, we analyze certain subjects of this region ––– “development of regional economy and international cooperation,” “economic development and resources constraints,” “economic development and employment” and “changing atmospheric circulation and hydrological cycle and human life” −and integrate them into the comprehensive regional studies.

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Map, location, and contact
  • Faculty of Economics Building, University of Toyama, 3190 Gofuku, Toyama, Toyama 930-8555
  • T: 076-445-6510
  • F: 076-445-6520
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